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My name is Aymara Lucero, and I'm an experienced marketing professional with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurant and hospitality industries. Throughout my career, I've helped small- and medium-sized companies grow with my marketing and consumer behavior skills. My educational foundation is based on a Master’s Degree in Science in Marketing and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Florida International University. As someone born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and came to Miami at a young age, I'm fluent in English and Spanish; everything I know from both of my cultures has contributed to my unique skill set.

Since 2012, I've been specializing in hospitality, experiential, and technology marketing; most of those years were focused on full-time marketing management for restaurant groups and restaurant franchises in multiple markets. For my own Concerned Cook brand, I've focused on becoming an expert by educating the community on healthy food, local restaurants, sustainable food products, and wellness. As your partner, we will build a holistic marketing strategy to communicate the value you offer to your audience. My services include but are not limited to brand identity development, social media, content creation, digital & traditional media, analytics, consumer journey, website strategy, community building & partnerships, influencer campaigns, loyalty apps, ordering platforms, restaurant operations, and market research.

The book Unconscious Branding speaks to how 95% of human thinking is done unconsciously, and it’s my job to decipher consumer needs even when people can’t do so themselves. Think of your brand and your audience as two unique personalities, marketing is learning how to communicate and build a relationship between these two people. That's what we will achieve together to reach your business goals!

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