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Taste of Miami, a cookbook for COVID-19 restaurant relief


It's been an honor to be part of the Taste of Miami cookbook, a community-driven project by Neuelane to help restaurants affected by the pandemic. As a marketing professional, I love this project because it's an ode to innovative advertising for the benefit of social causes, my favorite type of campaign. "In 2020, COVID-19 forced restaurants to adapt and shift their business model just to keep the doors open. It nearly decimated Miami's local restaurants - the ones that really give the city its flavor. This cookbook is a collection of 50 recipes from Miami's favorite restaurants, chefs, and tastemakers. 100% of the proceeds support the restaurants featured in this book." Find my Brussels Sprouts with Chimichurri on pages 32-33, it's a fan favorite with an Argentinian touch. Go to their website or Amazon to support our Miami industry while acquiring a rare assortment of invaluable recipes!

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